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Start living on purpose with purpose to unlock Your

unique greatness

Speaking Topics

Unlock Your Greatness

For Students

Luke shares how his struggles with anxiety and depression led him down a path where he chose the pursuit of knowledge instead of a much darker outcome. That pursuit helped motivate him to figure out what went wrong in his life (especially with his mindset) so that he could help other people make things go right. We all have the capacity for greatness. Sometimes we just need a push in the right direction or someone to help us figure out what that means for us. Luke takes students on a journey through a simple process that has life-changing results. Young people will walk away from this with the motivation for change AND the tools necessary to make it happen. Motivation will fade, but Luke will set your students up for long-term, sustainable success that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

  • Have the courage to craft your own identity

  • You get to choose what greatness means to you

  • Start building stronger relationships

  • Set yourself up for success with goal setting that actually works

  • Develop resilience to handle difficult situations before they happen

Athlete Every Day

For Athletes

Sharing the obstacles he faced as an athlete, Luke provides athletes with the skills to become who they were meant to be. It’s not about being the best, it’s about being your best. The only way to do that is to start getting clear about a few things. It’s time to turn “athlete” into a verb because that is what you do, not who you are. You need to start with a solid foundation of your values, your strengths, and your why. Then, you can take a closer look at your approach to life as an athlete with your goal-setting, routines, self-talk, and other mental skills. When you are willing to align your priorities with your values, that’s where the magic happens and the other skills start taking your performance to the next level and beyond!

  • Start achieving your goals more quickly

  • Develop the team dynamic that breeds success

  • Become the leader that your team needs you to be

  • Start finding more satisfaction and fulfillment with the life you have

  • Gain control over your emotions and start thriving consistently

Cultivating Greatness

For Helping Professions

Helping people is what you do best. Whether you are a doctor or physical therapist trying to help someone deal with an injury or a medical condition or you are a teacher trying to reach your students, or a coach trying to bring out the best in your athletes, a lot of the same principles are going to apply. Everyone is different, but we are all working hard on our wellness journey. So, how can you maximize the impact you are going to have on the lives you are blessed to touch. It’s the quick, simple things that will make the biggest difference for them. Setting better goals, understanding how to motivate yourself, knowing when you are getting in your own way, figuring out how to maintain accountability; Luke gives you the blueprint to follow so you can cultivate the greatness that you know is inside every one of your students, patients, or clients.

  • Develop a mindset of greatness for the people you work with

  • Understand the simplest ways to have the biggest impact

  • Have the confidence to guide them towards achieving their goals

  • Be the example they need and give them permission to shine their 

  • Provide them with the skills and tools they need to create their own success

Optimize Your Life Without Losing It

For Businesses & Organizations

How do you maximize the performance of every employee? You can’t actually do that, right…? WRONG! Just because you haven’t experienced much of an impact from employee wellness programs in the past doesn’t mean that they won’t work for your team. You just need to take a different approach. Luke has spent his life studying the subtle art of high performance. It starts with creating a culture of success in your organization. That means you might have to adjust your priorities. If you keep doing what you’ve already done, you’re only going to get what you’ve already got. That’s not what you’re looking for. It’s time to make sustainable changes that will have the biggest impact! Let me partner with you and help your team achieve the success that you know you are capable of!

  • Create a culture of success in your organization, leading by example from the top

  • Achieve your goals faster and more efficiently

  • Make sustainable wellness a priority and develop mental toughness

  • Make use of people’s strengths so they experience more fulfillment

  • Your employees will start thriving at work and at home

Workshop add-on

  • Break out sessions to go over skills

  • Individualized attention

  • In-depth topic coverage

  • Exercises designed for individuals to apply those skills to their life

  • Combine with any keynote for a full day event of personal development!


  • Find out more about our coaching and the available packages!

    30 min

    50 US dollars


"Luke has taught me a lot about myself I wasn't even aware of. His ability to quickly see my potential, and how to harness it, is truly remarkable. Having Luke in my corner only makes me a better version of myself. I would highly recommend him for anyone searching for more. We have so much potential as humans, let Luke show you how!"

Dan P., VelocityEHS, Chicago, IL

Luke demonstrates a strong understanding of relationship development between coaches and athletes to inspire and help cultivate high performing achievers

Dipen P., UWL Assistant Volleyball Coach

Luke was dedicated in preparing us for the mental challenges that come with sports competition. He strengthened our partnership by helping us understand what difficult obstacles were likely ahead, and how to best overcome both mental and physical challenges. I saw a great deal of personal growth while working with Luke. He is so caring and knowledgeable! 

Lisa T-W., Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament Champion

After working with Luke, the mental side of the game continues to grow and improve immensely for our team.  He has a connection with each player as well as with the group as a whole.  The team looks forward to his presentations on mindfulness, practice/game preparation as well as keeping your mind and body as healthy as possible in order to perform at your highest potential.

Nicky R., UWL Assistant Volleyball Coach

Whether you have specific targets you want your team to achieve, boost work morale, or develop on a personal level, Luke has the strategies and the charisma to deliver. Just after meeting Luke, you start to feel your dead ends fall away as the conversations naturally uncover effective strategies that open up possibilities I didn’t see before. If you are looking to bolster your organization’s capabilities as well as your own, I would highly recommend reaching out!

Nick L., Sun Badger Solar, Eagan, MN

Luke remains adaptable and equipped to help struggling athletes

better understand how their mindset is holding them back,

what they can do to get past those mental barriers

Dipen P., UWL Assistant Volleyball Coach

I would highly recommend Luke to work with any group or individual.

He has a captivating delivery, is extremely intelligent, and is also

able to navigate through the diverse needs of each situation.

Nicky R., UWL Assistant Volleyball Coach

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