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Hey, Athletes! My name is Luke McEldowney and I am a Mental Performance Coach and Master Resilience Trainer. I have spent my life learning about how to maximize human potential through wellness strategies that are sustainable. I have worked with professionals, students, and athletes from the recreational level all the way up to Division I athletes who are now playing professionally. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with people who know that there is more out there for them and want to attack that gap so they can make their dreams a reality! If you fall into this category, I want to work with you to harness your inner athlete so you can get a little more out of every day.

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What does Every Day Athlete mean?

We all have to perform in our lives every single day. It doesn't matter if this is at work, school, competing in sport, or raising children. If we want to maximize our performance, we have to live our lives with the intentionality of an athlete every single day. You are all athletes and it is time we start living in a way that is aligned with our goals.


How do we find alignment with our goals and lifestyle in all this chaos?

Athletes often have a specific schedule that they need to follow with some flexibility and down time for their own enjoyment. So, utilizing this model, we need to start being more intentional with the way we spend our time. We need to be intentional with our thoughts and behaviors. We definitely need to be more intentional with the way we fuel our bodies. All of these simple (not easy) changes allow us to perform at an optimal level. Getting clarity on your life philosophy will also help you manage your time because your priorities become crystal clear. If this is all in place, we can make decisions with our long-term goals and values in mind instead of settling for our short-term desires. Life is not about finding yourself; it's about creating your own adventure and having the courage to really go after it!


What is the difference between Everyday and Every Day?

Everyday can be used to describe something you do on a daily basis, but it is also a synonym for words like ordinary, average, common, and unremarkable. Every Day is about consistently showing up and putting in the work. Every Day is what takes you from ordinary to extraordinary. If you are just fine with being average and unremarkable, there is nothing I have that you need. But, if you want to take your life to the next level and start chasing your dreams, it is time for you to become an EVERY DAY ATHLETE!

Let's collaborate to design a sustainable lifestyle that you are passionate about living every single day. You decide what greatness means to you and we will make sure you are striving and moving forward to achieve the goals that you thought were impossible. If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough and I will be right here with you on this journey. Remember, we are all in this together. Let's Go!

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