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Become the athlete you were meant to be!

Start living your life with a purpose to be more proactive in accomplishing your goals, maximizing your potential, and achieving your dreams



Hey, Athletes!

My name is Luke and I am passionate about helping young athletes live the life of their dreams! Through my struggles as a college athlete, an active duty service member, a parent, and just as a human being trying to find my way in this crazy world, I realized that we all have our own version of greatness that we can achieve.

By creating our own lifestyle with more intentionality, we can be vastly more productive. This includes our daily activity, the way we fuel our body, and how we train our mind.

Let's go on a journey together and push past the boundaries of what you think is possible for your life and your athletic career!

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Schedule your First appointment

This is an opportunity for us to talk about the things you want to work on and see if our personalities mesh. Once we make sure it is a good fit and our style of coaching...
Intro Strategy Call
30 min


"Luke demonstrates a strong understanding of relationship development between coaches and athletes to inspire and help cultivate high performing achievers"

- Dipen P., UWL Assistant Volleyball Coach

"He was such a great presenter. His humor kept it light but he was also very informative!"
- Yellow Ribbon Attendee

"Whether you have specific targets you want your team to achieve, boost work morale, or develop on a personal level, Luke has the strategies and the charisma to deliver. Just after meeting Luke, you start to feel your dead ends fall away as the conversations naturally uncover effective strategies that open up possibilities I didn’t see before. If you are looking to bolster your organization’s capabilities as well as your own, I would highly recommend reaching out!"

- Nick L., Sun Badger Solar, Eagan, MN

"Luke has taught me a lot about myself I wasn't even aware of. His ability to quickly see my potential, and how to harness it, is truly remarkable. Having Luke in my corner only makes me a better version of myself. I would highly recommend him for anyone searching for more. We have so much potential as humans, let Luke show you how!" 

- Dan P., VelocityEHS, Chicago, IL

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